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AllKids work with 4 local public schools with a total of 2,800 students to improve the standard of education and facilities. In 2012, of the 4 schools in the Ream Commune, none were connected to mains power and not even the principals had access to a computer or internet. School infrastructure remains basic and there is limited money for maintenance so AllKids work closely principals, teachers, and school administration staff to improve learning outcomes for students.

Since 2012, AllKids have worked closely with volunteer organizations including Project Vietnam Incorporated from Australia and CASIRA from French Canadia, to make vital improvements.

AllKids Clean School’s program in four major public schools and provides garbage bins, liners and garbage removal service.

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The Issues:

Class sizes commonly exceed fifty and teaching staff are limited by the minimal resources available. Many schools were in urgent need of repair but unfortunately they are not provided with funds to properly maintain buildings.

It is not uncommon for several hundred students to share two or three toilet cubicles. The condition of these facilities were usually poor, lacking basic hygiene arrangements such as flushing toilets and running water to wash hands.  

None of the schools in Ream had the facilities to provide children with safe drinking water.


AllKids Projects:


Smach Deng Primary School. 160 metres of concrete drainage channels installed


Smach Deng Primary School. 5,000 litre water supply and storage installed, Renovation of three toilet blocks to provide 12 flushing toilets and 3 urinals. Re-roofing of 6 classrooms, conducted repairs and maintenance on school desks and chairs, and repaired structural columns on several classroom blocks.


Smach Deng Secondary/High School. Installation of a 50,000 litre water storage and catchment system. Renovation of 12 toilet cubicles including plumbing to supply water for flushing.



Battrang Primary & Secondary School. 5000 litre water supply fed by solar pump from bore well. 11 toilet cubicles renovated and provided with water for flushing.
Smach Deng Primary School - external painting and repairs to 5 classrooms.


Smach Deng Primary School. Installed a solar pump and filtered drinking water supply. We also repaired some serious structural problems on the classroom buildings.


Smach Deng Primary School. New roof on 6 classroom blocks
Battrang Primary School. Repaired 60 desks 




PVI built over 240 sq/m of veranda around the AllKids Learning Centre doubling our undercover area and providing the children with a dry play area throughout the wet season.
They also repainted the outside of the Learning Centre.


Smach Deng Primary School. Installed 8 meter wash basin to maintain hygiene standards following Covid-19.



To read about PVI and AllKids ‘Water for Toilets’ Delivers Results
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