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About the AllKids Learning Centres:

The first AllKids Learning Centre opened in December 2013, it is not a substitute for public school but provides additional resources and training otherwise unavailable to students living in rural Cambodia. At the learning centre children have the chance to study English, IT and Khmer literacy programs.

In 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we opened a second learning centre in the village of K’bal Hong. This has given over 140 children access to a range of educational activities without having to leave the safety of their own community. AllKids now have over 1400 students enrolled in their AllKids Learning Centres.

AllKids Learning Centres have a strong focus on fostering creativity through art, performance and sport. We believe this helps the kids develop a strong community spirit and acts as an incentive for kids to attend study programs.


Projects at the AllKids Learning Centres:

In March 2014 AllKids introduced the Future School computer-based program which leads students through an international English and mathematics curriculum.

AllKids run annual career education workshops for our senior students. Representatives from various local businesses and vocational training organizations discuss career opportunities within their industries to inspire kids to aim high when considering future employment.

Poor health is often a major factor in children not attending school and dropping out prematurely. AllKids operate a dental health program servicing over 550 children and we work closely with the Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC) in Phnom Penh. CSC provide pediatric care and carry out operations and procedures that AllKids families would otherwise not be able to afford.




MGA Whittles Group is a major sponsor of the AllKids Learning Centre 

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