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We want to say a huge thank you to all the following people...

Mums, Dads and family sponsors who care enough about children, who through no fault of their own, find it difficult to determine their own futures. Without the wonderful support from all of our sponsors, over 700 children would still have no access to education.

AllKids' major sponsor, the MGA Whittles Group of Companies. Thank you for sharing our vision!

For providing the startup funding for the AllKids program, St. Peters Rotary Club of South Australia, MGA Whittles Group of Companies, the DAK foundation and The Morris Family Foundation in Australia.

Clayton Lawrence of MGI Adelaide Pty Ltd. who has generously provided invaluable advice to ensure that AllKids do things ‘by the book’.

Mr John George, Executive Chairman of MGA Whittles Group, whose advice in all matters financial and administrative, has been invaluable.



A message from the Chairman of AllKids

I met Paul Otto in Cambodia in 2011 when he was managing the construction of a 4 hectare village and clinic for HIV children in the rural village of Smach Deng, near the coastal port of Sihanoukville.

While working in the village Paul became acquainted with the locals and discovered a significant number of children in the region were not attending school regularly – and many not at all.  We know that education and lifelong learning are important tools for breaking the cycle of exclusion, poverty, domestic violence and family breakdown. Without education a child can become an “at risk” street kid with few prospects.

AllKids has a mission to ensure poverty and inequality will not limit the educational opportunities of the children in the Smach Deng region. This brings great hope that these children will reach their potential. I applaud Paul, who undertakes the challenges of the AllKids projects in a voluntary capacity, and his Khmer staff, for the ongoing success of their initiatives and the high regard in which they are seen by the local community.

I also acknowledge the commitment of the current/previous board members and the encouraging support provided by our donors who partner with us to keep this wonderful initiative operating. 

Kym Bache

AllKids Chairman

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