The AllKids Learning Centre

The AllKids Learning Centre was opened in December 2013 and is situated in a large Cambodian Villa across the road from the largest Primary School in the Ream district.

Objectives of the AllKids Learning Center:

  • To improve the quality of education in the district through teacher training and development
  • To provide access and training to teachers and students in computer and internet based IT programs, which are not available in the public schools
  • To give teachers and students access to research and development resources
  • To provide teachers and students access to International standard curriculum

AllKids recognizes the benefits to students in attending their local public schools which provides a sense of identity and attachment to their community.

The AllKids Learning Centre is not a substitute for public school but provides additional resources and training not otherwise available to teachers and students living in rural Cambodia. There is a high emphasis on the development of English language skills within the center and all teachers are trained with the intention of obtaining a high score in their IELT’s (International English Language Test) examination.

The center has a strong focus on teacher training and development with teachers spending approximately 50% of their time in training and 50% contact time with students. Programming is overseen by qualified Australian teachers and our board members, including Mr Tim Dansie, a child development and education specialist in Australia.

The Learning Center also has a strong focus on preparing students for working life and we work in close partnership with local businesses, service providers and technical training facilitators.


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