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The Issue:

Many children were not attending school because they had to stay home to care for younger siblings and other young children were being left home in very vulnerable situations while their parents went to work.

AllKids Solution:

In 2013, AllKids commenced a small day care program. In 2014 we were approached by the Sihanouk Provincial Government to care for a group of 47 young children living on the local dump site. With the increased demand, AllKids expanded their operations and our dedicated and highly trained team at the Smach Daeng Day Care House provided daily nutrition, healthcare and early childhood development programs for around 80 vulnerable children, providing a safe place for children to stay while their parents went to work and their older siblings attended school.

In 2017, AllKids opened a second day care house at the remote village of K’bal Hong which currently cares for 30 children.


The AllKids team have learned that providing vulnerable children with day care often provides increased stability to families by freeing up the parents to seek sustainable employment and build a stronger foundation on which they can support their family.


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