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There are many reasons why children don’t attend school in Cambodia. The primary cause is usually related to poverty. AllKids work closely with the local public schools, government and commune officials, and the families of Ream to find solutions which enable all children in their community to receive a good education.


The Issues:

Although government education is free in Cambodia, a major problem for families is meeting the cost of school uniforms, books, and stationery.

Often poorer villagers live long distances from schools where land values are lower. Their houses can be beyond walking distance from the closest school and there are no public transport systems, meaning the children simply don’t go to school.


AllKids Solution:

Through the Kids to School project, AllKids provide students with all the materials which they need and the team work closely with local public schools to financially assist vulnerable families, allowing even the most underprivileged children access to education.

Since AllKids commenced operations in 2012, student enrollments in the 4 public schools which the team work with increased by 17%.

AllKids trained local contractors to provide regular school bus services around the villages to take the children from their homes to the learning centres or school. In 2012, the average school leaving level was grade 4. Today’s average is year 9.

In 2020, AllKids has a team of 4 student support staff who maintain close communications with AllKids families and have become effective in solving problems preventing the children from attending school.


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