We visited her little tin shed below the local pagoda and found four people living in the 2.5m x 2.5m hut. The old nun received only small amounts of money from attending ceremonies and she was unable to feed and clothe the two grandchildren let alone meet the costs of sending them to school.

We were told that the young girl Sena’s parents were divorced and that her mother was working in Phnom Penh and unable to care for her daughter. With some investigations we located a wealthy auntie living in an adjacent district and we visited her to see if she could help. However it soon became evident that she didn’t want to care for the two children. AllKids then rented a small house and the two children and another auntie moved in and with some financial support from AllKids, the two children commenced school.

A few months later, a disagreement between the grandmother and the auntie caring for the children resulted in Sena moving back into the little hut below the Pagoda with her grandma. In November the grandma became ill and was unable to take care of Sena so the girl was sent to live with the family of a school teacher. During this time, Sena attended the AllKids Day Care House.

In February 2015, we heard that Sena’s mother had come to see her daughter and we arranged to talk with her. It turns out that she had been living and working only 26 kilometers away in Sihanoukville for over a year. I asked her why she didn’t want her daughter living with her and began to cry and said it was impossible because she had to work 6 days a week. AllKids met with an affiliated organization in Sihanoukville who offered to provide day care for Sena while her mother is at work. AllKids outreach workers visited Sena and her mother recently and they seemed very happy together. We hope that this young girl now feels secure and safe, reunited with her mother. 

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