Expansion of the “Kids to School” program

Over the past few months, AllKids staff have been busy assessing families in the rainforest villages of Kbal Hong and Okampuchea. We found that about 40% of children in these villages were not attending school and of those that were enrolled in the local government school at Ream Beach, attendance rates were poor.

The main problem was transport. The school is up to six kilometers from the villages and the road is in very poor condition. AllKids have contracted a local truck owner who has fitted his small truck with a roof and bench seats (this is a common form of people mover in Cambodia,) to transport kids to and from school three times each day to cater for children attending either the morning or afternoon session of school.

The service now services 80 children daily and school attendance rates have improved significantly.

The expansion also includes setting up the program with the Ream Hun Sen Primary school, the 3rd government school that AllKids now works with. On the 10th of September 2013, we held an induction day for all of the students joining the AllKids program.

The school truck made many trips to transport all of the kids and their parents to the school were they received instructions regarding the program along with their school uniforms, books and bag ready for the new school year which commenced on October 1st. It was a wonderful day with smiles all round.

The day was also attended by the school principal, teachers and village elders.

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