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* There are many reasons why children don’t attend school in Cambodia. The primary cause is usually related to poverty. However, most problems can be solved by bringing together the local community and encouraging them to develop their own sustainable solutions.  

* AllKids work very closely with the local public schools, their teachers and principals, local Government and Commune officials and families to find solutions which enable all children in their community to receive a good education.
* AllKids have written agreements with school teachers, school administration staff and principals to ensure that all children are treated equally and are provided with the support they need to receive an effective education.

* Often the poorer villagers live long distances from schools where land values are lower or where they squat on unused land. Sometimes their houses are beyond walking distance so their children simply don’t attend school.

AllKids support members of the local community to set up transport systems to ensure that children are delivered safely to school and home. These small business operators are provided with business training including safety procedures, budgeting, bookkeeping and reporting.

* It is not uncommon for a young teenager to stay at home to care for a younger sibling while Mum and Dad go to work.

AllKids have opened the AllKids Day Care House and trained local woman in infant care, early childhood development, child safety procedures and health care. Our team of dedicated and highly trained staff provide a safe place for children to stay while their parents go to work and their older siblings attend school. We are currently teaching the staff and children how to grow fruit and vegetables which are used in the kitchen to provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches for the kids being cared for in the center.

* Most importantly, AllKids Student Support Staff work closely with families and schools to help to find sustainable solutions to the many problems that may prohibit children from attending school.

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