To comply with new child protection standards we request that you read the following Sponsorship Agreement carefully. These regulations are required to ensure the safety of the children on the AllKids program and also you as a sponsor.

AllKids Sponsorship Agreement

Thank you for supporting AllKids with your agreement to join our child sponsorship program.   As part of your agreement to sponsor a child, we provide the following information relating to the AllKids program.  This explains AllKids commitment to child safety and ensures all children in our care are provided with equal support and benefits. 

  1. We encourage you to send photographs, cards and letters to your sponsored child.  However, please do not send any money, material gifts or religious material. We are unable to provide direct email communication with a sponsored child so please send items via e-mail to  Please include your name and the name of your sponsored child.    
  2. You are welcome to visit your sponsored child if you are planning a trip to Cambodia.  However, the meeting must be arranged by the AllKids staff in Cambodia. Please try to provide at least one week’s notice of your visit so that we can ensure you will have an opportunity to meet with your child.  Requests can be sent to    
  3. We ask that you present your passport on arrival at the AllKids office in Cambodia as part of our normal visiting procedures.      
  4.  Please be aware that an AllKids staff member will be in attendance during your visit. 
  5. AllKids and/or the Australia Cambodia Foundation will not be held liable in the event of injury or death related to a sponsor visiting a child.
  6. For safety and security reasons, the sponsor is not allowed to take a child for any outings. Meetings will take place at the child’s home, school or the AllKids office.
  7. As a sponsor, you are usually welcome to take photographs while visiting a child, however please note that any photos taken are to be for personal use only and not shared via the internet or other public media.  Please gain permission from the child’s parent or guardian before taking photos. 
  8. Please be aware that the total funds required to support your sponsored child may be sourced from one or more sponsors.
  9. If your sponsored child leaves the AllKids program, you will be notified and invited to accept another child.  
  10. The child information that you recieve is accurate according to our records at the time your request was processed. The family information provided may vary from year to year as our student support staff discover new information regarding your sponsor child.   
By sponsoring a child you are accepting the conditions of this agreement.