How will my sponsorship help? 

When you sponsor a child on the AllKids program, you are providing a child with a real chance for a successful, quality, balanced education. This includes the provision of uniforms and books,transport to and from school, medical and health support, cooperation and communication between schools and families and constant support from the AllKids student support staff.

How much does it cost to sponsor one child? 

AUD$30 per month. As a project of the Australia Cambodia Foundation, donations to AllKids over AUD$2.00 are tax deductible within the Australian taxation system. 

I would like to sponsor multiple siblings from one family. 

This is a common request. Please send an email to the AllKids Country Director at and he will make some suggestions. Please include the number of children you want to sponsor and any special preferences such as boy/girl and ages.

How much of my sponsorship money will directly assist my sponsor child? 

100%. Allkids administrative costs are covered by generous corporate donors and the AllKids Directors work on a volunteer basis and receive no remuneration. All money received for child sponsorships goes directly to Cambodia to cover the costs of supporting the children on the AllKids program.

Can I communicate with my sponsor child? 

Yes. AllKids encourage, and will facilitate the exchange of photos, pictures and letters between you and your sponsor child. If you decide to visit Cambodia, AllKids can arrange a meeting with your sponsor child and their family. Please understand that for child safety reasons, an AllKids staff member will accompany you on such a visit.

How long will I sponsor a child? 

A sponsor can terminate their regular contributions at any time. It is however the objective of AllKids to encourage all of our students to attain year 12. If a child leaves school before they reach this goal, sponsorship will cease.

If you have any questions please contact Paul Otto